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Massive Chinese Qing Ancestor Portrait Painting Mandarin CivilOfficial
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Massive late Qing dynasty Chinese ancestor portrait executed in ink and color on paper depicting a civil official seated on a draped armchair over a floral rug decorated with Buddhist swastikas and dressed in formal attire. A Mandarin rank badge showing the official’s rank in the civil bureaucracy is on the center front of his cobalt-blue fur surcoat. The bird appears to be a silver pheasant, indicating an official of the 5th rank. He wears a hat with a clear stone insignia (consistent with a fifth rank official), a long court necklace of semi-precious stones around his neck, and Manchu boots. An embroidered chao fu skirt decorated with a four-clawed dragon above diagonal waves permeated with auspicious symbols is visible beneath the outer coat. 62 3/4" x 29” (32 1/4” wide including silk border at sides). Late 19th to early 20th century. The portrait was purchased in Detroit in 1948 from J. L. Hudson. Very good overall condition with only minor discoloration and soiling of the background evident. A narrow fade line can be seen at the bottom edge. There are a few short horizontal buckles in the paper. From the collection of a Phoenix, Arizona woman in her 90s. The portrait was a wedding gift she has owned since 1948. The painting is not framed and can be easily shipped.

Massive Chinese Qing Ancestor Portrait Painting Mandarin CivilOfficial