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Japanese Taisho Wood Honbako Sho-dansu Book Tansu
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Japanese Taisho period upright honbako, or book case, designed for the storage of books and documents. A single drop-fit front door conceals 10 stacking interior open shelves. Sumi ink calligraphy on the front and sides include the family name, Matsuda, and the date of Taisho 5 (1916). 29”H x 10 ½”W 10 ¾”D. Very good overall condition with some wear to one back corner (see enlargement 9). Also called sho-dansu, chests for storing bound literary material rose in popularity concurrent with the rise in educational levels of townspeople during the Edo period. An excellent description of this type of tansu can be found on page 121 of “Traditional Japanese Furniture” by Kazuko Koizumi. Two color illustrations can be found on page 174 of “Japanese Cabinetry: The Art & Craft of Tansu” by David Jackson & Dane Owen. This piece was purchased from the Tucson, Arizona estate of a World War II veteran who acquired it in Japan in 1954.

Japanese Taisho Wood Honbako Sho-dansu Book Tansu