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Japanese Edo Woodblock Print Kunisada Actor Portrait
item#: 800033
price: $250.00
Edo Period Japanese woodblock print by Toyokuni III (also known as Kunisada) depicting a half-length portrait of an actor portraying a samurai. This is one of a number of half-length portraits of actors designed by Kunisada in 1852. Signed at the right "Toyokuni ga" (in a red cartouche with yellow snow) with the seal of the publisher Yamazakiya Seishichi below. Fresh color and nice impression quality with fine delineation of the hair and lacquer highlights. The wood grain is plainly evident in the background. Measures 14 3/8"V x 9 1/2"H. The print is not backed and the baren marks are clearly visible. There are two pieces of archival tape verso. The left side has small binding holes and there is some wear to the edges.

Japanese Edo Woodblock Print Kunisada Actor Portrait