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Japanese Edo Woodblock Print Triptych Kunisada Actors
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Edo Period Japanese woodblock print triptych by Kunisada (also known as Toyokuni III) depicting an actor portraying a samurai sitting on a veranda overlooking a garden with a beauty in the center panel. Published by Joshuya Kinzo prior to 1842. Each panel bears the signature "Gototei Kunisada ga", a publisher's seal, and the kiwame censor's seal used from 1790-1842 (see enlargement 5). Each panel measures about 14 1/2"V x 9 1/2"H. Very good overall condition. The triptych is not backed and the baren marks and image are clearly visible on the back. There is no tape or tape stains. There is minor soiling and fading. A horizontal fold line is evident across the center of each panel and the panels do not precisely line up.

Japanese Edo Woodblock Print Triptych Kunisada Actors