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Rare Large Japanese Edo Woodblock Print Kunisada Medical Physiology
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Rare oversized Japanese woodblock print ascribed to Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865) titled “Mirror of the Physiology of Eating and Drinking” (Inshoku Yojo Kagami), also known as “Rules of Dietary Life,” and believed to date circa 1850. The print depicts a man seated cross-legged drinking a cup of sake with a bowl of fish in front of him. The cross-sectioned torso shows the functions of the internal organs and illustrates the Sino-Japanese concept of digestion. Inscriptions describe the function of each organ. Various samurai direct dozens of miniature male workers in blue uniforms who labor industriously to keep the body’s organs functioning. The print was designed to educate the common people about the internal organs by relating the various functions to activities the common people performed during the course of everyday life. As was the case with the economy of Japan and the flow of trade, the unceasing industriousness of the common people was critical to the smooth flow of the circulatory system. 18 7/8” x 14 1/4." Typical of all known examples of this image, the print has folds both vertically and horizontally. There is wear particularly at the folds and edges of the print, and there are some tiny holes and paper losses. Fading and minor soiling are evident. The print is not backed or laid down. There is paper adhering to the top back corners where it had been previously tipped to a backing.

Rare Large Japanese Edo Woodblock Print Kunisada Medical Physiology