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Japanese Ltd. Ed. Woodblock Print Paul Jacoulet Joaquina Marianas
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Japanese limited edition woodblock print by French artist Paul Jacoulet (1902-1960) titled "Joaquina and Her Mother at the Sermon by Father Pons. Rota, Marianas" (Joaquina et sa Mere au Sermon du Pere Pons. Rota, Marianas) published December 25, 1947. The print depicts a Chomorro woman and her mother in their Sunday finery listening to the sermon of the Catholic priest Father Pons. This print is illustrated on page 66 (plate 89) of “The Prints of Paul Jacoulet” by Richard Miles, 1982. It is described on pages 108-109. The print is pencil-signed and bears the red owl seal at the right side of the image. The seals of the carver and printer (Maeda/Honda) are at the lower right margin corner. A red seal verso holds an unclear edition number that appears to read 98/350 (second printing). A "1" appears to have been added in red to the 98 (198/350). The 'PJ' watermark is at the lower left margin. The title is at the right side of the bottom margin. Paper size: 17 3/4" x 13 1/2" (image size: 15 3/8” x 11 13/16”). Very good overall condition with full margins. The print is lightly sunstruck with a line visible in the margins where the previous mat ended. There is a fine brown vertical line in the sky at the upper left. The back is faintly toned and there is some tape residue at the top and bottom back edges. This print was purchased directly from Paul Jacoulet in Karuizawa, Japan by the owner's mother.

Japanese Ltd. Ed. Woodblock Print Paul Jacoulet Joaquina Marianas