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Chinese Qing Silk Embroidered Textile Hanging Altar Frontal Panel
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price: $375.00
Chinese late Qing dynasty red silk temple hanging or altar frontispiece embroidered in metallic-couched and polychrome silk threads. The lower section features a stand holding a variety of vessels. A pair of bats and a pair of butterflies fly around a censer at the left that is emitting fumes. At the center of the stand, a central vase is filled with blossoming flowers while a vessel behind it contains fruit. A vessel at the right holds a variety of objects. A horizontal panel at the top holds another central vessel surrounded by flowers and flanked on the left and right with auspicious symbols. A band of flowers, shou (longevity) symbols, and bats embroidered in metallic-couched thread surrounds both panels. The top panel is further edged in dense diagonal metallic thread. Late 19th century. Measures about 39" high (including a 4 1/4" cotton band) by 36 1/2" wide. Generally good overall condition with vibrant red silk ground. There are signs of wear to the silk and embroidery from use. There is a soiled area in the top horizontal panels and there is minor soiling to the background throughout. The embroidery is generally in very good condition except for the metallic diagonal thread at the border of the top section which has losses. The blue cotton lining is in very good overall condition with one faded square area. From an old Tucson, Arizona collection.

Chinese Qing Silk Embroidered Textile Hanging Altar Frontal Panel