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Japanese Edo Woodblock Print Kunisada Kabuki Actor
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Japanese Edo period woodblock print by Toyokuni III (also known as Kunisada) depicting the actor Nakamura Shikan in a dramatic scene with a knife clenched between his teeth and his arm penetrating a Japanese paper folding screen. The date seal (4th month of 1861) and the signature of the artist (signed "Toyokuni ga" in a red cartouche with yellow snow) are at the bottom left portion of the image. The seal of the publisher Moriya Jihei is at the lower right. Standard vertical oban print measuring 14 5/8"V x 10"H. Good condition with margins evident on the top and left side. The baren marks and image are clearly visible on the reverse. Not backed. The print is faded and slightly discolored. There is some tape residue along the back at the top margin edge. Probably a panel from a triptych.

Japanese Edo Woodblock Print Kunisada Kabuki Actor