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Japanese Woodblock Print Triptych - Chikanobu Turtles
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Japanese woodblock print triptych of swimming turtles and fish with actor mons and human faces by Yoshu Chikanobu (1838-1912) dated 5th month of Meiji 19 (1886). The convention of disguising portraits of actors arose in the Edo period when bust portraits of actors were banned, through the Tempo Reforms of 1841-1843, for being conspicuous and a detriment to public morality. Each panel measures about 14"V x 9 1/8"H. The print is in good overall condition with fading evident. The panels are separate. The left panel is lightly backed but the center and right panels are not backed. Thick brown tape is applied at the top and back edges verso, and there are areas where the tape stains show through to the front. There is some soiling evident and there are a few losses to the paper at the edges. This print is from a New Orleans collection.

Japanese Woodblock Print Triptych - Chikanobu Turtles