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Sino-Japanese War Woodblock Print Triptych Ikuhide
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Sino-Japanese War triptych of a naval battle scene at Wei-hai-wei featuring an embattled Chinese ship at the center surrounded by the Japanese fleet. Several final blasts sink the ship and send the Chinese soldiers into the ocean. The black ink signature of the artist is barely visible at the lower right and is possibly Kobayashi Ikuhide (active 1885-1898). The specific date is not filled in on the cartouche, but is 1894-1895. The assembled size is about 27 7/8"H x 14 1/4"V. Each panel measures 14 1/4"V x 9 3/8"H. Very good color and overall condition with margins evident at the top. The panels are separate. The print is backed with thin Japanese album paper which is covered with sumi-e writing, but the writing does not show through to the front. The paper is slightly wrinkled. This print is from a New Orleans collection.

Sino-Japanese War Woodblock Print Triptych Ikuhide