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Japanese Yokohama Woodblock Print Triptych Yoshikazu
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Japanese Yokohama woodblock print triptych illustrating the interior of an American steamship by Utagawa Yoshikazu (flourished 1850-1870) published by Maruya Jinpachi in 1861. In this design, the artist utilizes the traditional Japanese convention of “roofless architecture” which allows the contents of the ship to be visible. Inside, westerners are seated at a long table having a dinner party. The assembled size is 14 5/8"V x 29 1/4"H (each panel is about 14 5/8"V x 10"H). Good overall condition. The panels are separate and not backed. Margins are evident. As is typical of Yokohama prints, the impression quality is not great. There is some fading and soiling and there are a few old tape stains at the back edges. This print is described and illustrated on page 69 of “Yokohama: Prints from Nineteenth Century Japan” by Ann Yonemura, Smithsonian Press, 1990. An example of this image can also be found in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This triptych is from a New Orleans collection.

Japanese Yokohama Woodblock Print Triptych Yoshikazu