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Japanese Kappa-ban Print Yoshitoshi Mori Nail Clippper
item#: 1068290
price: $750.00
Japanese limited edition sosaku hanga “kappa-ban” (stencil print) by Yoshitoshi Mori (1898-1992) titled “Hasami” (variously translated as “Scissors” or “Nail Clipper”). The print is pencil-signed “Y. Mori” at the lower left, dated ’79, and numbered 24/50. The artist’s red seal is above the signature. The lower edge of the paper verso also contains the title and the original purchase price of 120,000 yen. The paper measures 17”V x 22 1/2”H. Very good overall condition. The portion of the print that was previously covered by a mat is very sightly darker than the center, but this is barely visible to the eye. There are two pieces of archival tape to the top edge verso and there is one small dark spot at the top edge that might be from the original printing. The paper is slightly wrinked at the edges. This print is illustrated in a catalogue published by the artist in 1985 titled “Mori Yoshitoshi Kappa-ban” which features prints dated between 1977-1985. This image was purchased in Japan and is from a Scottsdale, Arizona collection.

Japanese Kappa-ban Print Yoshitoshi Mori Nail Clippper