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Japanese Yokohama Woodblock Print Triptych Yoshikazu
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Historically important Japanese woodblock print triptych depicting the landing of foreigners of the “Five Treaty Nations” in Yokohama by Utagawa Yoshikazu (flourished 1850-1870). The print features soldiers and civilians from America, England, France, Russia, and The Netherlands grouped together with their respective flag and label. Two Chinese compradores, who facilitated trade, are in the foreground and western ships line the harbor in the background. The print is signed “Issen Yoshikazu” and was published by Enshuya Hikobei in 1861. The assembled triptych is about 14 3/8"V x 29 1/8"H. Each panel measures about 14 3/8"V x 9 3/4." The print is in good to fair overall condition with a few tiny holes and some fading, soiling, browning, and wrinkling of the paper evident. As is typical of many Yokohama woodblock prints, the impression quality is poor. The panels are separate and are not backed. Margins are evident at the top. The bottom of the left has a paper loss. There is a horizontal fold across the center of each panel. This image is described and illustrated on page 92 of “Yokohama: Prints from Nineteenth Century Japan” by Ann Yonemura, Smithsonian Press, 1990. This print is from a New Orleans collection.

Japanese Yokohama Woodblock Print Triptych Yoshikazu